LOD Project

This project was developed from scratch for augmented reality service on a construction site with the aim of showing the model at different levels of development (from LOD 200 to 400) for all trades.

LOD Project 1
LOD Project 2
LOD Project 3
LOD Project 4
LOD Project 5

Initially, this project may not seem attractive, but this is only at first glance.

The project is diverse and filled with rooms of different purposes. Each is worked out to the smallest detail.

LOD Project 6

The rooms are specially mixed here, in such a way as to show that AR technology is applicable to any type of building, which undoubtedly complicated the process, but made it interesting (after all, in real life it is practically impossible to meet such a combination).

Also, for convenience, floor navigation has been made, which allows you to quickly find the desired room.

LOD Project 7

The project consists of 8 sections. All systems have gone through a coordination process


LOD Project 8

LOD Project 9


LOD Project 10


LOD Project 11


LOD Project 12

Fire protection

LOD Project 13

Fire Alarm

LOD Project 14

Medical Gas and Pneumatic Tubing

LOD Project 15