1. Coordination & Clash Detection Services

Coordination services ensure that there are no lapses in the building design, and that there are no overlapping of components between Architectural, Structural and MEP disciplines.



Our company provides clash-free coordinated 3D BIM models by resolving clashes of mechanical systems with electrical, plumbing, architectural and structural systems leading to minimal mechanical design changes/modifications.



Our company provides clash-free coordinated 3D BIM models by resolving clashes of electrical systems with mechanical, plumbing, architectural and structural systems leading to minimal electrical design changes/modifications.



Our company provides clash-free coordinated 3D BIM models by resolving clashes of the plumbing system with mechanical, electrical, architectural, and structural systems leading to minimal design change order.

Coordination & Clash Detection Services

2. 2D to 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D

PDF/CAD to BIM services focuses on developing Revit BIM (Architectural/Structural/MEPFP) models from PDF, hand-sketch, image or 2D/3D CAD files (DWG, DXF, DNG).

Filling the model with information for 4D, 5D and 6D. 4D – Scheduling, 5D – Estimating, 6D – Sustainability and Facility Management.



BIM 4D scheduling services are an extension of 3D with the element of time included in addition to other three dimensions.

Our 4D simulation helps all project participants, including architects, contractors, designers and the owners, to visualize the entire sequence of construction events and understand the progress of construction activities throughout the lifetime of the project.

It helps our clients select the most appropriate option during the project design phase.



We provide complete project monitoring during the project execution phase to our clients to report actual status, delays and potential catch up plans.

We all know that BIM Modeling services provide architects and homebuilders with certain benefits such as constructability analysis, improved coordination, quantification and cost estimation, etc. Moreover, 4D model adds another feature to BIM, which is nothing but visualization of a project timeline. A 4D model is a 3D model with addition of the fourth dimension of time as a schedule. Due to the continuous technological advancement and emergence of BIM (Building Information Modeling), 4D Modeling is now a commonly used service in all types of construction firms.

4D progress monitoring has a significant role in project planning, as it includes important data like start and finish date of every component and their criticality. A 4D model helps the project team get minute details. As it visualizes the assembly of a building over time, the project team can consider different options and select the most appropriate one for the project design phase.

We can classify the benefits of 4D BIM models as tangible benefits and intangible benefits. While the tangible benefits include conflict detection, complaints reduction, risk mitigation, enhanced productivity and time and cost savings, the intangible benefits are better communication among different divisions and visual communication of project parameters to building owners and stakeholders.

4D BIM progress monitoring shows the critical path of the project and thus allows the owner and the project participants to understand the phasing schedule better.

With the help of 4D BIM progress monitoring, we can identify and resolve space and workspace conflicts ahead of the construction process. It conveys the information and spatial complexities of the project and also helps in conduction of additional analyses.

4D BIM progress monitoring is also useful for marketing and publicity purposes.

It identifies schedule, sequencing or phasing issues.

4D BIM progress monitoring enables the owner and the project team to visualize time constraints easily.

The main advantage of 4D BIM progress monitoring is increasing productivity through reduction of waste at construction sites.



Accurate cost estimation plays a vital role in building projects, as it determines the scope and bidding for a project.

The construction industry depends on BIM used for documenting all information required for a building project.

Based on BIM quantities and 4D scheduling through BIM models, we monitor actual costs and construction material procurement plans during the construction phase, which is essentially 5D BIM services.

We provide 5D BIM services to architects, constructors, designers, operators, owners, manufacturers, engineers, sub-contractors and material suppliers.


Through BIM cost estimation, we offer:

  • Architectural, structural, MEP integration.
  • Creation of Revit Family libraries.
  • Creation of a virtual intelligent 3D Model.
  • Clash detection and risk mitigation.
  • Extraction of accurate project information.
  • Quality construction documents.
  • Construction bid estimates.
  • Contractor estimate reviews.
  • Cost modeling.
  • Quantity take-offs.
  • Life cycle costing.
  • Master planning cost estimating and analysis.
  • Material escalation analysis.
  • Cost Monitoring.
  • Procurement Management.
2D to 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D

3. Architectural BIM Services

Urbanistyka Hub offers a range of architectural BIM modeling services, helping customers to better visualize the project before it enters the construction stage.

Our experienced team of engineers can create an integrated architectural and structural building model exactly in line with standards and specifications of the client. We provide customized Architectural BIM modeling services as per the requirements of our clients by directly communicating with their team and assisting them in reviewing of the model for various requirements. In short, our clients get high-quality architectural design services at very competitive prices.

Using your 2D design drawings, we can create a perfect 3D model output of the building/structure with accurate geometry. We can also work with your blueprints, dimensioned hand sketches or markups.

Our architectural detailing expertise basically spans the following fields:


Residential, commercial and hospital buildings:

  • Architectural layouts.
  • Architectural floor plans.
  • Elevations and sections.
  • Doors and windows details.
  • Sanitation and piping plans.
  • As-built drawings.
  • Architectural elevations and sections.
  • Inverted ceiling plans.
  • Millwork CAD drawings.
  • Foundation plans.



  • Risks reduction.
  • Change orders reduction.
  • Schedule optimization.
  • Schedule compression.
  • Design quality improvement.
  • Efficient handover.



  • Floor framing and roof framing plans.
  • Building sections.
  • Interior designs and plans.
  • Exterior designs and plans.
  • Furniture layouts.
Architectural BIM Services

4. Structural BIM Services

Our company offers comprehensive structural BIM services. Our structural BIM models provide critical information and data points for design analysis and evaluation of a project. Top quality and cost efficiency, advanced functions like an extension of your team.

We prepare accurate 3D models for the complete structure from the architectural drawings including rebar modeling/detailing, detailed drawings of beams, columns, joists, stairs, lintels, roof frames, shelf angles, bearing plates, frames and wall partition supports and review of shop drawings. We also help with advanced design and analysis capabilities. The detailed analysis ensures plausible cost saving and safety of the structure.

Our structural BIM services include engineering design and modeling of all types of structures (steel, composite, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed and post-tensioned elements, masonry/blocks), loading (seismic, wind), analysis (continuous beams, rolling load), metalwork (beams, torsion elements, columns) and joints (base plates and bolts). Our services allow clients to visualize the project structure, synchronize changes between design and detailed models, and create coordinated model-based designs.



  • Structural analysis.
  • Structural design.
  • 3D modeling construction.
  • Structural metalwork design.
  • Metalwork structure detailing.
  • Creation of 3D, 4D and 5D BIM services.
  • Extraction of structural components.
  • High-quality construction documents.
  • Clash detection and risk mitigation.
  • Creation of intelligent parametric libraries.
  • Accurate quantity take-offs and cost estimates.
Structural BIM Services

5. MEP BIM Services

MEP BIM service is the process of developing data-rich and complex mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection 3D BIM models at the required level of detail and coordinating all the works internally and with other disciplines to ensure the coordinated model is error-free and clash-free. Our key MEP BIM services include BIM coordination, MEP BIM modeling, piping spool drawings, MEP shop drawings and MEP detailing services. Our team of mechanical engineers is well versed with international MEP BIM standards and ensures our building information modeling services are up to the client’s expectation, accurate and on time.

We conduct the overall coordination of the MEP BIM model including all of its parts such as plumbing, HVAC, mechanical piping, electrical systems, fire protection measures, structural and architectural design. Often MEP BIM coordination is the most complex and difficult part for coordination and making it clash-free. Our engineers have vast experience coordinating BIM models using Revit and Navis works as BIM software tools.

MEP BIM services improve communication and collaboration and help the overall construction industry by identifying the issues well in advance. They also help expose hidden issues and plan overall construction activities. They help identify and solve the issue before the construction starts which would be difficult to achieve without BIM. As a BIM services provider, we understand the importance and benefits of accurate modeling. Hence, our team ensures the services model is highly detailed as per the client specification (LOD 300 to LOD 500) and it includes services such as HVAC, mechanical piping, plumbing, electrical systems and fire protection measures. Our team creates the MEP services model that can be used to create MEP shop drawings and quantities. An accurate and detailed MEP model helps the client understand the overall design vision and make better-informed decisions. It also helps the client understand the coordination and relation with other disciplines and detect issues.


  • Mechanical piping modeling & coordination.
  • HVAC ducts modeling & coordination.
  • HVAC ducts shop drawings.
  • Mechanical piping shop drawings.
  • HVAC ducts fabrication drawings.


  • Sanitary piping modeling & coordination.
  • Water supply modeling & coordination.
  • Sanitary shop drawings.
  • Water supply shop drawings.
  • Plumbing spool drawings.


  • Electrical & fire protection BIM modeling.
  • Electrical & fire protection BIM coordination.
  • Electrical & fire protection shop drawings.
  • Electrical & fire protection Revit family creation.
  • Electric wiring drawings.
MEP BIM Services

6. BIM consulting

Our main objective is to facilitate the BIM adoption process with optimal time and investment. We help our client stay updated with the latest BIM technology and developments. To make it possible, we have established standard BIM consulting processes by going through possible project scopes and expectations. Our consultative approach makes it easy for various organizations to move from CAD drafting to BIM modeling. According to the client resources and processes, we try to consult them with the best-suited tools and processes to make the switching quick.



Standards Compliance | Execution Plans | Best Practices



Process Adoption | Workflow Set-up | Project Assistance | Templates Creation



Architecture | Structural | MEP | Fixtures | Components – Walls, Windows, Doors, Partitions

BIM consulting
BIM service