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Beta testing

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Testing the new Sitelink software, processing BIM models, evaluating user behavior, working on improving the workflow, testing integration with other software.

● USA● 2023 - 2024


Sitelink - це програмне забезпечення, яке дозволяє швидко та легко відтворювати BIM-моделі на будівельному майданчику у масштабі 1:1 у доповненій реальності.


Benefits of working with Sitelink for developers

Saving time and resources

Sitelink helps to avoid additional questions, misunderstandings, rework, costly mistakes, and speeds up RFI approval.

Fast communication

With Sitelink, project engineers can immediately report problems on site by adding them to their RFI or demonstrating them to the team during a live video call.

Increased clarity of QA/QC

The VDC team collaborates with on-site engineers and receives up-to-date data through 3D scans, annotations, and comments. Models are then sent to the site to verify the solution on site, which ensures better quality of work and optimizes the use of resources.

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Sitelink is available free of charge until December 2026 for all commercial architectural, engineering and construction companies rebuilding Ukraine.